Monday, May 23, 2016

We Go Forth Together

If anyone was keeping score on how this morning went, here are the stats:

Autism 1
Cat 0
Fiona for the win for turning my frown upside down!
It was a sucky, sucky morning, but this afternoon's mail totally brightening my day.  I'm so proud of my brave girl!  If she could take Ronan's vaccine injury away, she would in a heartbeat.  But she can't.  So Fiona speaks up and tells his story hoping that other children are spared what Ronan was not.  

Because of what happened to Ronan, she's learned more about health, autism, and advocating than I ever imagined she'd have to.  In learning all that she's learned, Fiona's a thousand steps ahead of her peers and many adults out there.  Right now, she has no intention of stopping. Like her tired, broken-hearted mama, Fiona's going to keep marching forward.  Ronan needs her to.  I need her to.  

With her positive attitude, Fiona will get through the obstacles and the naysayers and through the bad days that creep in.  The best part is that she and I get to march forward together.  

xo, Cat


Fiona's latest article can be found in the Holistic Parenting magazine, No. 15 May - June 2016.  She has been featured in The Autism File Magazine and has had a chance to contribute articles to Age of Autism.  Fiona loves to bake, play volleyball, and take pictures.  Her gallery can viewed here:  Photos by Fiona.  

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