Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Dotted Line

After chiming in on a thread with some other moms yesterday, I was reminded of this post.  In that post, I shared some tips for parents who've found themselves face-to-face with a pushy pediatrician. Having been in that situation myself, I'm all too familiar with breaking up with a doctor.  

Saying ¡Adios! to a doctor may not be something that parents ever thought they'd have to do, but I'm finding that more parents are doing just that.  Breaking up is never easy, but when a parent is belittled or when their child's health is on the line, it really isn't too hard to walk away.  
Sometimes, it's the doctor who dismisses the parent and not the other way around.  A mom on another thread mentioned that.  I was discouraged to read that but was encouraged by something I saw when I continued to read - the newly shared document that the VaxXed team has added to their website.  

Not the sign-your-rights-away-form that the AAP wishes parents who question vaccines to sign, the form that the VaxXed team suggests using is for the physician to sign.  

I saw it.  

I liked it.  

If we need it, I'll be using it.  

For those who would like their doctor's "stamp of approval" that all those safe and effective vaccines they want to administer are truly 100% safe and effective, go ahead and ask them to sign that form.  

Be prepared for some backlash if you pull it out of your diaper bag mid-exam, though, but always remember this.  It is you who are ultimately responsible for your child's health, not the doctor, not the vaccine manufacture and certainly not the government who oversees the vaccine program.  

Now, some people are okay with everything that their doctor and that the vaccine program has to offer. They don't need to worry about printing out that new form or this one either.  But for those folks who find themselves in disagreement with their provider or who want to be selective with the vaccines that they are being offered, well, they need other options.  The form found on the VaxXed webpage is a perfect place to start.  

I know some people may lose their spot in their doctor's practice should that form not go over well. After breaking up with the doc, I'd encourage those parents to do some digging.  Make some calls.  Ask your like-minded friends who they see.  Surely someone knows of someone who can help.  Then, choose wisely.  Chose someone who understands the choices you want to make.  Choose someone who respects your parental rights.  Chose a physician who has you and your child's best interest in mind.  They're out there.  And when you find them, if you've chosen wisely, I bet they'll be a perfect fit.        
xo, Cat 

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