Friday, July 8, 2016

Stop, Drop, and Pray

I'm sitting in my little girls' bedroom watching my youngest clean up all her little girl things.  Once I realized that the room hadn't been cleaned in awhile, she had to stop everything and straighten things up.  Clothes, stuffed animals, dress up clothes, and all manner of toys - there was stuff pretty much in every nook and cranny in the bedroom that needed to be put away.

While cleaning up, my little one put this cross right in front of me.  She said nothing as she did so but must have known that I was struggling on the inside these last few days.  The news this week has been full of troubling events which have had me feeling frustrated, sad, and worried.  From hearings in D.C. to violence on the streets, after reading the news, I've walked away from quite angry.  As hard as I try to shield my children from some of the news and how it affects me, I know that kids can pick up on their parents' emotions.  I hated that my child picked up on those emotions but was comforted as she offered a bit of hope while I was stuck in a moment of despair. 

I couldn't remember what the verse from Psalm 37 was about, so I looked it up.  Verse 4 is good.  Verses 5 and 6 are better.  But verse 7 is more appropriate for today.  I think the entire Psalm is worth reading, so here's a link for it:  Psalm 37.

For those who are sad and frustrated and worried about recent events, and who are trying to understand what on earth is going on in our world today, I'd encourage you to take a moment and read through this Psalm, to reflect on it, and to never stop believing.  As easy as it can be to lose faith, we must never stop believing. 

xo, Cat

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