Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ho Hum Home

I wasn't supposed to be home today.  I had made plans to be out allllllll day long.  You know what they say about those best-laid plans though...


I get little reminders every now and then that are just perfectly timed.  This towel, that I happened to grab to cover a tray of snacks I made for IzBiz, had a perfectly timed message:  

Home is where the heart is.  
I was supposed to be out to lunch today with my BFF and another very good friend.

I was supposed to be getting groceries today, too. 

I was also supposed to be volunteering in a classroom today. 

But nope, nope, and nope. 

I thought I really needed to be out of the house and busy and doing my own thing.  But my IzBiz is home with the sniffles.  She needs me.  And I need to be with her.  

The groceries can wait, and of course, everyone understands that I can't be of assistance today.  I hated to break my plans, but I had to. 

It doesn't matter how many plans I make.  It doesn't matter how any good intentions I have.  It doesn't matter how much I yearn to be outside of the house.  On days like today, days when one of my children needs me the most, home is where my child home is where I am, too.

xo, Cat

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