Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Keeping Track

Ronan is learning about Geography this school year.  Last year, he became familiar with several of the states.  He can successfully identify 10 states and not just by their shape.  I can ask him, Where do Mama and Papa live?  Where does Aunt So and So live?  Show me where Uncle So and So lives.  Point to where you were born.  The more open-ended the questions are tell me he's able to learn more than just a basic fact.  He can make personal and meaningful associations to an abstract concept.  

Ronan's going to learn all 50 of the states this year.  He's also going to learn about the US borders, major water ways, and the continents.  This morning, he learned where Europe was.  
We did Geography lessons first today because I wanted to take a picture of the map.  I needed the photo after seeing something on my blog dashboard yesterday. 

The dashboard is a place where I can track a few things - how much traffic my blog gets, where my audience is, and how many hits each of my posts get.  It's also where Blogger can leave me a message.  Even though I've read the message Blogger left me some time ago, the alert is still there.  Unable to delete it or click it so it shows that it's been read, it's still sitting there all these months later.  After seeing the message again yesterday, I decided to add it to today's post.  

Thanks for visiting!
It's not the best image (sorry!), but it says that European Union laws requires me to give European Union visitors information about cookies used on the blog.  The law also says that I need to obtain consent (to collecting cookies) from my blog visitors.  

Blogger says that they added that information in a notice on the blog explaining this, but since I have not been able to log in from Europe (oh, how I wish I could pop over and visit!), I have not been able to view the message that is supposedly there.  

Here is hoping and praying that it is!  Now, back to studying Geography facts and then we break for snack time.  Maybe Ronan and I will have some cookies for snack today, the edible kind ;)

xo, Cat

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