Thursday, October 6, 2016

Cross That Bridge

Ronan was terrified on this climbing bridge.  Terrified!  He actually started shaking.  I was standing right there close to him, but he couldn't reach for me.  He was gripping the bar so tightly. 

Ronan attempted to say something (which honestly sounded like he was saying shit...shit!) and called out for me (which comes out Em - Em).  

Ronan could see me.  

He could reach for me.  

But he was paralyzed with fear. 

It took a minute or two for him to finally be able to carefully baby stepped toward me.  When he reached me, his whole body was shaking.  Ronan collapsed into me and wouldn't let me go, so we sat down at the edge of the bridge until he stopped shaking. 

When he went to another area to play, I thought the kid was done on that climbing bridge.  He wasn't.  Ronan came back to it looking at it as if he was ready to try crossing it again.  
You know what he did?  He crossed that bridge.  


Both times gripping his sweet little sister's hand so very, very tightly.  Her hand hurt a little bit, but she, too, braved the storm.  She told me she didn't mind.  

When brother reached for sister's hand, she was right there to hold it.  Then, she stayed happily and faithfully right by his side.  She did it for Ronan and with Ronan.  

These kids.  They inspire me, and I'm so glad they inspire others.  I love my little people and how very amazing they are.  

xo, Cat

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