Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My Kid, the Looseleaf Artist

I've been hounding Ronan's brother to please use one of his many sketchbooks for his drawings.  But the kid is an in-the-moment-now sort of artist.  When he needs to draw, he draws.  I've found Willem's sketches all over the place - on scrap paper, on homework pages, on the back of tests.  Sometimes, but rarely, will I see a new sketch in his sketchbook.  Lately, I'm finding more of his artwork on looseleaf paper.  Like this sketch:

It's so cool!  

Willem draws when he can, whenever he can and wherever he can like on random pages of looseleaf I keep finding.  I need to find all the ones he's already done.  Then, I'll upload more images to showcase more from my kid, the looseleaf artist. 

xo, Cat

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