Tuesday, October 25, 2016


8:36 am seems to be when I can catch the light just right in the kitchen.  It's magnificent as it streams through the trees.  It's brilliant, truly brilliant, as it pours through the window.  Around 8:35 am, I scootched these 7 rocks (one of the each of us) from where they usually sit to capture this photo.  At the last second, before the sunlight hid behind some of the taller trees in the backyard, I placed the cross in the front of the stones.  

Click...and perfection.  
Be on your guard, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong.
1 Cor 16: 13
Yesterday was anything but perfect.  After that painful reminder of what I saw in the police station, I was on the verge of tears through the early evening.  I didn't have time to be on the verge of tears as I drove down the highway to a volleyball game though.  I couldn't burst into tears like I wanted to while sitting in the stands cheering my daughter on.  I had to keep my emotions in check while chatting with other parents in between sets, too.  By the time we got back home hours later, I didn't have time to dwell on the day's events or straighten out my mixed emotions.  The day was quickly ending, and I had get ready for the next one.  

Today is a yet another busy day.  I've been in go mode since the moment I woke up and will likely stay busy until I crawl under the covers late tonight.  But today, like every new day, I get a fresh start.  I get to hit the reset button.  I get to try, try, try again. 

Of course, some things are still the same - our busy lives are still busy.  Our busy schedule is still very busy.  Our family's needs and Ronan's special needs are still very much exactly the same.  But one thing is different - it's a new day, and I can choose to live it with a new beginning and with a new attitude.  The minute I woke up today, I got to set the course for the day.  So I did just that.  

With faith first.  

With prayer first.  

With gratitude first.   

And with hope always.  

xo, Cat

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