Saturday, October 15, 2016

Will It Minecraft?

So, the kids think I'm nuts to share this.  For weeks they've said it's a bad idea.  Come on, kids, I have great ideas!  Really, I do!

Willem: Mom, no.  Please.  Don't.

Me:  Why not?

Willem:  Because.  It's...weird.  And you don't know anything about it.

Me:  True, I don't.  But it'll be fun.  Trust me!  

Willem:  Mommmmmmmm.


So, what's my great idea?  Let me tell you all about it.  It's called Will It Minecraft?  It's simple really. And actually, Willem started it.  

Will It Minecraft?
Let's find out!

Willem is my creative kiddo.  He loves to build.  He loves to play.  He loves to draw and be goofy.  He's got a heart of gold, too.  Before Minecraft got really popular, he and his Dad (pictured above) made a Minecraft "mask" for Halloween.  They made it well before costumes were available at the stores, so when it was time to trick or treat, all the neighborhood kids who saw the Minecraft creation were very impressed.  I was, too (even though, at the time, I didn't know much about the game except that it was super fun for my kids).  

I still don't know too much about the game (except that it remains super fun for the kids and that Willem's brother, Ronan - who is severely affected by autism, plays with the siblings on occasion).  It's a fun past time, and the siblings enjoy working to create worlds together.  I can tell that their love for the game is still strong, especially for Willem when I see him going "off-screen" with his Minecrafting abilities. Take this hunk of cheese, for example.  

As I scrolled through photos on my phone one day, I saw this:

How creative!  Here's another one.  

And another, this time with a cantaloupe.  

Will It Minecraft?  Yes, it will!  

Willem's tried other foods - a hard boiled egg, a tomato, and an apple - but those didn't work out so well.  I don't doubt that he'll let those disasters stop him.  He continues to create LEGO Minecraft scenes, draws them in his sketch book, and continues to come up with the neatest buildings while playing on-screen.  Being able to slice and dice fruits and veggies is just another creative, albeit messy, addition to one of his favorite games.

So, am I nuts to share a fun, little activity that I call Will It Minecraft?  Maybe.  Or maybe it'll be a new craze that all the kids will be trying next.  If you find yourself carving out a Minecraft creation in your food (get permission from your parents first!), snap a picture and share the fun.  I'll show the picture to Willem so he can see that his Mom is not nuts after all.  

xo, Cat


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