Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Oh, Bless the Children

Today's funny ha ha is thanks to a memory I read this morning.  It's from 2009 and happened as we were leaving Church one Sunday morning:

Me to Izzy after Mass:  Iz!  Don't drink the holy water!

Izzy:  (quietly sucking on her finger and smiling) "Mmmm."

Me:  Well, go ahead, you need it...  

Izzy:  (continues to smile)

She, like my other amazingly wonderful yet very strong willed children, can get really feisty.  Maybe the holy water will help calm her attitude a smidge.  :) 


I love my kids!  They put a smile on my face when I need it the most.  Rereading that memory made me laugh and laugh.  It also reminded me of something else.  

I've been meaning to hang this holy water font in the house for months now.  One of the kids received it awhile ago as a present, but dang if I have never taken the time to hang it up.  Today will be the day that it finally goes up.  

Parenting isn't always easy, especially parenting a child with special needs, but each of my children are such wonderful gifts.  They've taught me so many things about myself, about life, about what's important and about what's not important.  They've brought so much life (and laughter) to our family, and I couldn't be more grateful.  Once that holy water font is up, after I bless myself I will say prayers of thanksgiving for my children.  

Praying that you, too, are blessed with love, with happiness, and with a little bit of laughter as well.  

xo, Cat

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