Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Despite two meltdowns before 9am (Ronan's not mine), I'm smiling today.  Why?  Read on...

I'm happy that Ronan is finally showings signs that he knows he is about to pee.  I am not so happy that today's massive morning pee that could've filled a gallon jug landed on the kitchen floor.  Holy pee pee!  Thanking God that there is sensation that the pee is coming (and not another nerve issue to worry about) and also thanking God for tile floors!

I really was worried that the neuropathy that started in his feet and have traveled up to his lower leg area would eventually travel up higher.  I supposed it still could, but for now, we celebrate that Ronan has a new sensation - that he's about to pee.  We also celebrate that he's being consistent with telling us he's gotta go.  

A diaper and the wipes = Mom, I gotta go!
His simple sign of bringing me a new diaper (and sometimes the wipes) - even though the diaper he's wearing isn't wet - means that he's about to pee.  While getting his breakfast ready this morning, Ronan knew something was coming so he brought me a new diaper. That was seconds before the pee out this morning.  And pee he did!  

I'm hoping we can time things better, not just to avoid a huge clean up, but to get Ronan on the toilet.  He's tried. Oh, has he tried.  But there's a new aversion to sitting on and standing in front of the toilet that we need to work though.  We'll keep working.  We'll try, try, and try as many times as we need to.  But today, we celebrate.  We celebrate having new sensations, signs of awareness, and of course, tile floors.   

xo, Cat

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