Sunday, November 27, 2016

Souls Aflame

A little Catholic humor for you on a Sunday...

We drive by a house on our way into town that has a chiminea thingie sitting in the driveway.  It's lit every single day.  Sometimes all day long.  Even though nobody is out there enjoying the fire.  On our way to Mass today, the kids noticed it was lit as usual.

Ronan's little brother saw it and said, "That thing always has a fire.  I wonder what that guy is burning."

I replied, "Leaves.  Documents.  The souls of his enemies..."

Willem pondered that for a moment and then quickly asked, "Mom, can you take me to confession this week?"

I stifled a laugh and said, "Sure, Little Buddy.  I can do that."

I hope that 'souls of his enemies' line didn't scare the kid into confession.  If anyone needs to go, it's me - not Willem!  He's one of the holiest (and kindest and happiest and goofiest) kids I know.

But confession it is.  We'll go later this week.  I do love that that sacrament is available to us.  It can be nerve wracking to go, but what a feeling afterward.  It's like a shower for your soul!

God bless and xo, Cat


Taking kids to confession?  
We've used this guide before.  It's got a great examination of 
conscience for kids as well as how to say The Act of Contrition.  

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