Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Type it Out

File this story under Another Best Memory Ever.  I love that I am whisked back in time when I reread these memories and am so grateful to have thought to write them down!  

This one happened just a few years ago and after a rough couple of days.  Ronan was still in school full-time, but we were rounding the corner to some major changes.  With an increase in seizures, lethargy, mito crashes, and because of a wave of aggression, changes had to be made.  As much as none of us wanted to - because we remained hopeful that Ronan would bounce back - both Ronan's team and I had to make big decisions about modifying his school schedule. 

Changes would come, but as we were in the midst of working things out, we had the...

(Nov. 2013) Best day for Ronan all week (thank you, Lord, he so needed a good day)!  They are doing a reading assessment with him at school and want to ramp up teaching more spelling since we all know the kid can do it.  We don't know what he's taught himself unless we ask him, so to get some more help and up his game is awesome.  At one point during the testing, his teacher asked Ronan to type in words he knew.  

He types the usual:  Baby Einstein, snack, Wii.  

So, she says, "Can you type in my words (shows him the list)?"  

Ronan types:  no

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!  What a stinker!

We just typed out some words together.  I said them, he wrote them.  This is only a partial list because he was more interested in where his iPad was than in Mommy quizzing him:

musc (music)
see and learn
10 - I asked him to spell ten 
Hah (happy)
mk (milk)
bowning (bowling)
j (jump)

I could tell Ronan was getting tired. He was pretty much done with me at this point so I said,  "Are you finished?" 

He typed: fishd (finished)

We'll catch up, Buddy.  Don't you worry.  Mommy won't quit on you.
As easy as it would be to give up, we haven't.  We try, try, try, and try once more before we go back to brainstorming how to help Ronan.  Communication was the biggest struggle he and we faced, well, besides the medical issues, and it remains the biggest struggle today.  We're constantly working through the struggles hoping to give Ronan more language.  He can spell quite well, but in the past, he's only typed or signed one or two words at a time.  I knew he knew how to write and sign a complete sentence, so last year, with lots of encouragement and tons of practice, Ronan went from what I call his "telegraphic" communication (I want food) to full-on sentences (Mom, I would like cereal, please.)  

His world opened up!  That meant ours did, too.  

Ronan continues to wow us.  He types more and more using his speech device to "sound" out words.  It's encouraging to see and fills me with hope.  Ronan will still struggle, especially on the very rough days.  But that's when you'll find us all pitching in to help Ronan try, try, try, and try once more.  Nothing will stop us from helping him.  Nothing.  
xo, Cat

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