Thursday, December 1, 2016


And just like that, it's December.   The kids are super excited.  I can't blame them.  With the flip of the calendar page this morning, they knew that Baby Jesus' birthday was even closer.  Actually, it's right around the corner!  They were all sorts of chatty about that last night.  

Inspired by the kids' chatter about Keeping Christ in Christmas, and dazzled by that sunshiny sun that I just love, I captured that photo (above) this morning.  I was supposed to be doing some important things - like catching up with bills, replying to emails, and returning a phone call, but I took a pretty picture instead.  

I like the verse that I used - originally, I was looking for a Bible verse but I found one from a Christmas carol instead.  While taking time I didn't think I had to put the photo altogether, I reflected on the Advent season and on the upcoming Christmas season.  I also prayed.  It's always nice to stop, to reflect and to pray.  Today, I got to do all of that.  

What a treat to have some quiet time before today's schedule was kicked into high gear!  I've been on the go, go, go ever since.  I will have an even busier afternoon that starts the second after I post this blog entry.  That's okay.  I found some peace this morning.  It's carried me through the last few hours.  I know that it will carry me through the next.  

For those who need a moment to stop, to reflect and to pray, I hope you find it.  Those moments can be few and far between, but they are so refreshing.  Praying that we may all be blessed with moments of peace, hope, and joy.  

xo, Cat

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