Thursday, January 12, 2017



It's hard to sum up a lifetime of pain and suffering that's resulted from a supposedly safe, effective and life-saving product, but it is done.  Ronan's story was summed up in 499 words.  I pray I did it justice.  

Vaxxed is calling for our story, too.  An explanation can be found in this video.  The form to add your story, which is being sent to PEOTUS, can be found here.  

Start it simply:

Dear President-Elect Trump...

Then, add the facts.  

Add the before and the after.  

Add the pain and the suffering.  

Add the hopes and the dreams.  

Add the reality that happened instead.  

Tell the President Elect that this didn't have to be.  It really, really didn't.  

If you have a vaccine story, don't delay.  Write it.  Send it.  And believe that it will be heard.  

xo, Cat


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