Thursday, January 5, 2017

Cheers to the Pee Pee

I had hoped it would be an easy morning.

It would not be an easy morning.

Ronan's been able to sleep in for 3 weeks thanks to the kids' long Christmas vacation and thanks to having house guests keep on eye on the kids when I've had to jet out early. Today would be the first day that I'd have to get Ronan up with us.

I had to wake up Ronan early.
He hates being woken up early.
I hate waking him up early.
For a kid who has as many medical complications as he has, sleep is the best medicine for Ronan. When he sleeps, he's free from sensory issues. He gets a break from the physical pain that comes with some of his other issues. He's looks absolutely peaceful when he sleeps. And gorgeous. Gosh, that kid is so handsome. Anyway, he hates being woken up early. Hates. It. But on mornings like today, when I must get his siblings to school on time, we've all got to be up and out the door before 8am.
I try to ease the wake up process, but there's no easy way to do it. Especially when Ronan's in a deep, deep sleep. Especially when he decides to sleep on the floor. Especially when he's peed out of his diaper and all over the floor. His soaking wet comforter covered the pee spot, but as I knelt down next to Ronan to gently wake him up, my knee found that wet pee spot. Not right away, but as I slowly woke Ronan up, my knee slowly started to feel the cold wetness. Hoping to just scoop Ronan up in my arms and carry him to the car like I'd been doing before Christmas vacation started, I now had to strip Ronan, clean him up, and find a fresh outfit for him. I hadn't factored in changing him completely, nor myself. Tick tock. We were now going to be late.
Normally, I'd be frustrated with the delay I faced, but I once again thank God for pee.
Remember a few weeks ago when I did a happy dance about pee? That was when Ronan showed us that he sensed needing to use the bathroom. Well, today I celebrate the pee one more time. Ronan's been holding urine in and not having what we call his first morning pee until well into the afternoon. The other day, he didn't need a diaper change until almost 5pm. And holy pee pee! When he finally went, buckets and buckets came out of him.
Holding it in was becoming the norm a few too many days in a row. With him being non-verbal and unable to communicate why he's doing that, we started to get a little worried. Does he just not need to go? Does he just not want to go? Does he have a UTI? I'll speak to our provider today just in case this is a sign of a new, worrisome issue, but today, I'm getting back down on my knees - both of them, to pray a thankful prayer full of glee that the pee pee came when it did.
We've a lot to worry about with Ronan - seizures, growth delays, regressive autism, and the inability to speak. But if I don't have to worry about pee and can celebrate it instead, I'm going to do just that. Cheers to the pee pee. Hip, hip, hooray!
xo, Cat

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