Saturday, February 11, 2017

More Baby Steps

File this under:  More Baby Steps to Toilet Training

Some may see this as an annoyance - teenaged kid drops clothing on the floor and leaves it there.
I see it as a win.

Years ago when my typical kids were toilet training, they'd peel off all their clothes as they felt the urge to use the bathroom.  Ronan is almost there.  He's been taking off his clothes after a big pee (in his diaper) indicating that he needs a diaper change.  That, plus bringing a ton of diapering supplies to us, tells me we are inching closer and closer to more toileting success.  

What's next?  

Well, besides getting the kid dressed again, I'm hoping and praying he wants to do his bathroom business in the bathroom.

xo, Cat


Do you have a toilet training success story?  Feel free to share it below!  

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  1. When I was pregnant with my 3rd, I was desperate to potty train the 2 older toddlers. My mom suggested I let them play bottomless in kitchen (vinyl floor). First time my little girl felt pee run down her leg, she willingly sat on potty chair from then on. My little boy took longer and needed his Dad to show the way. It involved "target practice" in the toilet bowl and worked successfully. I will always remember hearing the man-laughter and boy-giggles.