Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Up, Up, Down, Down

I'm calling this photo collage Up, Up, Down, Down. The pictures were taken during an unplanned park day that Ronan and I had yesterday.
We were there for about 30 minutes. Originally going because Ronan signed yes, he wanted to swing, he had more fun on the slide instead. Never a fan of going down slides, he attempted to go up this one several times. He never made it to the top. He gets too scared! The higher he goes, the more scared he gets. He doesn't usually ever reach the top, but he enjoys every single attempt he makes while trying to get there.
Ronan made it half-way up the slide several times yesterday. But every time he got mid-way there, he would stop and slide down. Back at the bottom, with feet firmly planted on the ground, Ronan would smile and try to go back up the slide again.
Half-way up.
Slide back down.
Half-way up.
Slide back down.
Doing that made him so happy. It made me happy, too.
Life can be like a slide. Up, up. Down, down. Some days can be really good - like yesterday afternoon's park day for us. Others can be tough and full of struggles. Whichever direction life is taking you today, hold on tightly. Pray fervently. Believe in yourself. And, if you need to, remember to try, try again.
xo, Cat

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  1. So that's why he only got half-way up the circular staircase in the library! You go, Ronan!