Sunday, April 1, 2018

Reason #3011

I posted this photo and write up a year ago for friends and family.  I'm sharing it here today for anyone who might wonder why a family like mine doesn't care to celebrate an autism diagnosis.  No way could we ever celebrate it.  And it's not just for one reason.  We have quite a few...

Reason #3011 why we do not celebrate autism.  Other reasons?
The seizures.
The behaviors.
The wandering
The loss of speech.
The loss of gained skills.
The cognitive challenges.
And, if I may be so bold, the loss of future potential.
Why would anyone ever ask us to celebrate any of that?  We can't.  And we won't.  We will, however, celebrate Ronan and the joy he brings to our lives.  And let me tell you, there is so much joy that that little guy brings to our family!  We love to share the joy he brings and will continue to share that.

But the diagnosis itself?

It is not a gift.  It's a life-long, challenging disability that keeps a grip on Ronan and our family.  Do you celebrate cancer?  Diabetes?  Alzheimer's?  Probably not.  So, don't fall for the autism blue washing and autism celebrating that's going to flood the airwaves this month.  

What can you do instead?

Help a child.  Help their family.  Learn the signs and symptoms of autism.  Learn how to prevent autism, too.  That's possible.  We learned too late for our son, but young moms and dads can work to prevent autism better than we ever did.  As challenging as life is for us now, more than anything, that thought keeps me so very hopeful.

xo Cat 

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  1. Bravo, Ronan! And eternal gratitude to your family who lift up my heart with love!