Monday, April 2, 2018

Worth a Repeat

I know I've mentioned it before, but I do so love the FB On This Day feature.  It's a collection of posts, pictures, and links that I've shared previously.  Most of the time, I find myself laughing at what I'd shared - a funny ha ha kid story, or nodding in agreement as I recall an important article I wanted family to see.  Some memories aren't so wonderful to reread - like when Ronan's had seizures.  But I wasn't disappointed when I saw today's memories, which included that photo above.  

That photo captures so much.  Taken by Fiona, I added it to an article that Ronan's younger brother helped me write on this day last year.   On this day, this day that so many families like mine would gladly skip over, we politely remind the world how painfully aware we already are and have been for far too long...  

As yet another autism awareness and month-long celebration kicks off this month will be doing the same as last month for our family.  Surely our month will include hopeful, happy, and joyful moments, but we know that it may also include moments of frustration, grief, and sadness.  We will find things Ronan does and be excited that he made progress, but we can never and will never celebrate autism. 
We don’t celebrate seizures.
We don’t celebrate not being able to speak.
We don’t celebrate not being able to sleep.
We won’t and can’t celebrate autism and would never ask any of our family or friends to do so either. 
Instead, we’ll tend to Ronan’s needs like we usually do.  We’ll care for him each and every day.  We’ll make sure he’s safe, healthy, and most importantly, happy.  We will celebrate his gains and his progress as we always do.  That’s my goal.  That’s my family’s goal as well... 
If you know us, if you have helped us, if you believe in what we're doing, thank you.  I know I don't need to ask you to be more aware of what happened to my son.  You get it.  You respect it.  You make life better for us by accepting that we will not and could never celebrate a disorder, a diagnosis, or any of the struggles we constantly face.  Some of the world hasn't caught up on that yet, so thank you for your compassion and your support.  

For helping us, for joining us as we jump for joy when Ronan signs a new word, when he types out a full sentence, and when he flashes that gorgeous smile of his, we couldn't be more grateful for you.  To those friends and family who do not walk in circles, who will wear any other color but blue this month, and who will continue to cheer for us as we go against the grain, you mean the world to us...and not just today, but everyday. 

xo, Cat

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  1. Blue is such a wonderful color, I'm angered that it would be co-opted by those who don't see/refuse to see that awareness is not what we want, but ACTION. This month I celebrate Ronan, who he is and what he has struggled to become.