Sunday, May 13, 2018


I know I've shared this thought before, but I wanted to share it again today.  Each year as Mother's Day creeps closer, I don't think of the day as a day for me.  My children tell me it's going to be all about me, but I instantly think of celebrating my Mom.  I also think about celebrating my Grama, too.  Both very strong women who've shaped me into the woman and mom I am today, I love to think about them as this special day approaches.  Grama passed away almost 21 years ago, but my Mom's still able to comfort me through a quick phone call, text, or email.

We'll use Grama's fine China at dinner tonight.  
As mom to five, and as mom to Ronan with all of his medical issues and special needs, being able to connect with my own mother across the miles is so important to me.  She's been a quiet listener, a sounding board, a voice of reason, an enthusiastic cheerleader, and a prayer partner during difficult situations.  I love that she graciously and selflessly continues to support me and my little family and that I can share things with her that I don't want to share with anyone else.  

I do wish that I could also share my children and what I've learned from them with my Grama.  I would love to tell her about their silliness, about their accomplishments, and about my experiences as a mom.  I know I wouldn't just tell her about the very good things.  I'd be able to tell her the very sad and frustrating things, too.  On days when frustrations do mount, I find myself thinking about Grama.  I ask myself, What would she do...  I wonder, What would she say... I imagine, Who would she seek out... 

If Grama ran into the kinds of problems I've had to solve, I know that she would first start with prayer.  I don't always remember to do that as quickly as I imagine she did, but when I do remember to pray, I draw upon the same devotion she had -- the Blessed Mother.  Doing that helps me keep her memory alive.  My Mom keeps her Mami's spirit alive, too.  She does that with each story she tells my kids and with each photo from her childhood that she shares with them.  Even though they never got to meet Grama, they know that she was not just a kind, caring, beautiful woman, she was--and will always remain--a very important person in my life.  

Once we turn the calendar page to May, I begin to recall many fond memories from my childhood.  Those memories always include my Grama and my Mom.  Before I forget that the day is also reserved for me, my kids begin to recall and share all the fun things they've gotten to do with me over the years.  Knowing that their happiest memories includes things they've done with me and for me makes my heart fill with joy.  

One of the kiddos found a
heart-shaped rock on Mother's Day!
Today, I remembered the important women in my life.  I also got to enjoy a great weekend full of family together time.   To all the moms, and to all the women who mother others, I hope that today was a day filled with happy memories, with bright smiles, and with peace and love in your hearts. 

xo, Cat