My Kid, the Looseleaf Artist

Years ago, Willem went through a stage of liking to paint, draw, and build things.  As he got older and his interests expanded, I wondered if he would continue to be drawn to the arts.  I'm happy to say that he is!  

I am in awe of his skills - not just because I'm his Mom, but because he creates works of art so effortlessly.  
This is our house.
It actually looks just like this.
(but it's not that colorful on the outside)

Because he's done some pretty cool stuff, I asked Willem if I could showcase his work here on my blog.  He said that I could.  I love this first one of Willem's hand - it's actually not a piece of loose leaf paper! 

This page will be all about Willem's amazing, artistic, and sometimes crazy, creations!  Lately, he's been drawing on looseleaf paper.  I'll feature those images, but I'll also include other photos of other fun things he's built, drawn, or designed.  You may even get a peek at some of Willem's humorous poetry, too!

If you'd like to use or share one of the images below, you may.  But you must give credit to Willem if you do.  Thank you!  

xo, Cat


Count Olaf, from A Series of Unfortunate Events

Iron Giant

Potato Man

Super Man

Uncredible Hulk


Oil Fish

Paper Mâché Bowl

Food Chain



Happy Thanksgiving

Time for Bacon

Octopus Businessman
                                       Sneaky Snake (with tritone shading)

      LEGO convo on Twitter - they retweeted the image from this blog post!

LEGO Star Wars creations

Ballerina Impersonators

A Colorful Bowl, made in art class 

Tire Swing
A Creative Haiku, written after catching a cold:
My throat closes up
My voice sounds like Darth Vadar
I coughed up my lungs

Conduction, an assignment for Science class
It's such a happy drawing!

Stay tuned for more!  

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  1. Love the creativity gushing forth! BTW the wooden ballerina is an art mannequin, came from Mama Bear who hoped he could put it to good use for art :)